Tinder Swipe Night Pilot

What is Swipe Night?

On October 6 at 6 p.m. local time in the U.S., Tinder® will launch Swipe Night– a first-of-its-kind, original interactive adventure that represents a whole new way to match!

The Swipe Night story is a first-person, apocalyptic adventure where at key turning points, you get to decide what happens to you next. Your choices dictate more than just the story; they may also impact who you match with once the epic journey ends

From Tinder help page on Swipe Night

First Impressions

Tinder’s Swipe Night Pilot is a fantastic way to increase active user count in the target age range. People are bored with TV shows, partying and other weekend chores by Sunday evening. It’s good choice of timing to create uptick in viewership. Once the conversation between folks with mutual answers begins, they are kind of hooked for next episode as well as each other. Swipe Night show itself turns into an online date of sorts with conversation starters.

It’s not that big of an episode perhaps to make users focus more on the discovering others with mutual answers and matches they get after the episode ends. Answers on the questions during the episode and the show sort of become conversation starters, which reduces a lot of effort in the first message.

The episode itself was quite engaging and fun, although a bit unreal. Really well shot and directed for vertical viewing. Scenes were short probably to make social media content for Instagram, Snapchat and other social / short video platforms out there. There is too much going on for such a small length show, taking it down a notch would make it just about perfect.

There are four episodes in total according to Tinder twitter team. Given the show’s unique format and storyline, it is likely that they will go on for another season.

Why now?

Current hypothesis is that growth from subscriptions is slowing or user / usage growth is slowing which could be due to variety of factors such as increased competition from players such as Bumble and not enough further pricing potential (for Plus & Gold).

Opportunity for Partnerships

What this show highlights is that there is potential for partnerships with third parties to create content for the audience. It is possible for them to create a show with say Starbucks around coffee and relationships for example.

To conclude, this new Tinder project has a lot of potential. Certain things remain unclear right now such as “how will Tinder handle the users who have FOMO and missed week?” (pointed out by twitter user Pat Connolly in his blogpost), what is the point of somewhat silly questions (and not allowing users to change them) and lastly whether Swipe Nights will become paid at some point. Production and launch quality is high. Storyline is over the top but considering the audience of 18-25, it seems fine. Looking forward to next episode. Hopefully, some of the queries are answered by then.

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