Bypass Soft Paywalls

Many websites like Bloomberg, WSJ, NYT and many more have soft paywalls which can be bypassed on Firefox (Android & Desktop) and Chrome (Android & Desktop) via tool called Bypass Paywalls. Read below if you are interested in how to do it.

On Firefox Android or Desktop browser:
– Visit
– Click on “Download and install the latest version”
– Click “Continue to Installation” in the pop-up

On Chromium based Android (eg – Yandex, Brave, Opera, Chrome) or
Desktop browser (eg – Chrome, Brave, Dissenter, MS Edge 79):
– Visit
– Download zip file from
– You should have folder named “bypass-paywalls-chrome-clean-master”
– Type “chrome://extensions” or “edge://extensions” in URL address bar
– Enable Developer Mode
– Click “Load unpacked” and select the extension folder

* Instructions sourced from magnolia1234’s Github Repo


Weekly Change Log 04/05/2020